About Us

Hi!  We're Jeff and Claire, proud owners of 

The Town Square Antique Mall.

We collect stuff, all kinds of stuff.  Jeff likes sports memorabilia, old toys and electronics while I prefer old dishes and vintage housewares, and pretty much anything old and rusty.

Jeff has been buying and selling on Ebay since 1993, and I came on board in 2004.  We take road trips to shop antique malls and small town shops.  On our ride home we discuss the treasures we found and places we visited, what we liked about the shops and what we'd do differently.  Then one day we were driving home, talking about it for the umpteenth time 

and we thought, why not? Let's just do it!

So, here we are. . .

Welcome to The Town Square Antique Mall!

Our antique mall has room for about 175 dealers.  

Spaces are available now.  You can use the Contact Us page or call us at (636) 791-3054 to request information.

The Town Square Antique Mall will be reminiscent of a 

quaint, small town shopping district.  

Quaint shoppes  line the "streets" of the Square.  

Let the comfortable atmosphere sweep you away, 

back to a time when life wasn't so hectic.  

Please stop by and take a walk through our store.

We are proud to offer Military, Police and Fire Department discounts as a Thank you for keeping us safe!